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  1. 😉 schön das sich da einer freut. Ich muss dringend mal suchen. Das Problem ist das ich gar nicht weis ob ich die Negative noch finde, oder ob die vielleicht Marco hat. Und die Alten Fotos sind in desolatem Zustand… (ich werd mal gelegentlich im Keller wühlen)

  2. Okay, I can’t read a damn word here… 🙂
    Anyway, seeing these piki pictures reminded me of riding up in the NFD – we rode up to Mt. Kulal by Lake Turkana. It took us a week to get there and back, but it was one of the best experiences of my life.
    You have to admit, there’s nothing like stopping and turning off your piki in the middle of nowhere. You just here the wind rustling through the bush. THAT is Africa!
    PS. I like your background.

  3. I’m sorry Hash, I gave up writing english articles sometime in 1999… but maybe I should get started again.
    „somewhere in nowhere…“ *sigh* – You’ve been to Kulal!? I’ve been there several times. Yet sadly I never rode up that side on my pikipiki. I know some missionaries that work in Gatab and Loiyangalani. My last trip was rather the comfortable type:
    Btw. there are more pics on my „old“ homepage.

  4. Nice Africa Twin… Those are great bikes.
    When I was just an mtoto living in S. Sudan a guy rode a bike down through there. We lived in the middle of the bush – it was a half hour drive just to get to the closest kijiji. Anyway, ever since I saw that guy doing the Cairo to Cape bit, I’ve always loved pikis.
    Also, no harm without the English – I will just look at the pictures and comment. 🙂

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